Introducing the Smart Speaker Switch

Offering Exceptional Features

  • Controls up to 7 stereo speaker outputs
  • Takes a single amplified stereo speaker input
  • Connects to your home WiFi
  • Use your web browser to turn any stereo speaker pair on or off
  • Works with phone, tablet, and computer devices
  • Front panel switches and LED indicators for local control
  • Uses red LED’s that keep the ambient light to a minimum
  • Setup and administration handled through browser

Web Browser Operation

Use a browser on either a phone, tablet, or computer to control the speakers.

Front Panel Operation

Front panel switches and light indicators allow easy operation at the control unit when required. LED lights turn off automatically (after a user set time) to reduce interference.

Simple Setup

Simple setup includes a 5 volt USB power adapter (supplied) and removable speaker terminals for easy speaker cables attachment.

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