Smart speaker switch – Model SPKR7



The smart speaker switch (model SPKR7) provides an elegant high tech way to control legacy amplified speakers. With built in relays that control up to 7 pairs of stereo speakers, the SPKR7 can be used to control all of the speakers in most house settings. If 7 pairs of speakers is not enough, a second unit can be brought into the configuration. Output is taken from the amplified speaker signal (2 pairs of speaker wires) and is connected to the input of the speaker switch. The outputs are then connected to each of the speaker pairs that exist in the home.

Best Feature – home speakers are controlled via any web browser on your phone, tablet or computer (when attached to your home network).

Simple Wiring Hookup

The smart speaker switch (model SPKR7) utilizes removable connectors for the speaker wires which makes it simple and easy to hook up your speakers. Your amplifier is protected from shorts by built in fuses. Powered by a small 5 volt 2 Amp power pack, the unit consumes only a small amount of energy.

Removable connectors allow for easy attachment of amplifier and speaker wires.


What’s in the box?

  • Smart speaker switch unit – model SPKR7
  • +5volt 2 Amp power pack
  • 2mm flat blade screwdriver

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Advanced Features

  • HTML calls (such as using wget) can be made to the speaker switch for automating control of the speakers. For more details, go to our support section.

Buying Options

Price $249

The SPKR7 is priced at: $249 – plus shipping and taxes. Shipping options are offered during paypal check out. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Our technical support staff are available 8AM-5PM EST weekdays via email.