Speaker Switch Owners Manual (SPKR7)

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Congratulations on your purchase of a Katoomba Sound Speaker Switch. We hope that your speaker switch will provide many hours of fault free use. If you have problems, contact our technical support team by sending an email to support@katoombasound.com. You can also find additional documentation at Speaker Switch Documentation. And, you can use the help pages.
The picture below shows the SPKR7 model which controls up to seven stereo speaker pairs. Note the printed numbers 1 thru 7 along with seven black push button switches and seven corresponding red LED light indicators.


Box Contents

The shipping box contains:

1. The Speaker Switch main unit
2. A DC 5V/2000mA micro USB power pack (USA 110 volt type)
3. A 2mm flat blade screwdriver (exact type may vary)
4. Quick setup instructions (not shown below)

The image below shows the contents of the shipping box. If any of the items are missing or damaged you can contact support at support@katoombasound.com.

What's in the box

What You Need

Setting up the Speaker Switch will require:

☑ - A WiFi network must be available for the speaker switch to connect to. This will usually be a home WiFi network and the speaker switch will operate with any recent WiFi access point and associated network.
☑ - A computer, laptop, mobile device, or tablet that will connect to the speaker switch via the WiFi network.
☑ - Speaker wires (in stereo pairs) that reach the rear of the speaker switch unit. The speaker switch will need to be situated in a place where all speaker wires are located.
☑ - Audio amplifier output wires that reach the rear of the speaker switch unit. The speaker wires and the amplifier wires will usually exist in the same location. For details on speaker wiring, see: Speaker Wiring.

You will need the following tools:

☑ - A wire stripper
☑ - A 2mm flat screwdriver (this is supplied in the shipping box)
☑ - Speaker wires (as required for your speakers and amplifier).