Speaker Switch Owners Manual (SPKR7)

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Technical Support
Speaker Switch does not Power Up
Reset to Factory Defaults
WiFi Authentication Type
Internet Access Requirements
Speaker Switch Not Found on the "Find My Speaker Switch" Page
Fuse Replacement
Device Task Timing

Technical Support

Technical support can be reached at support@katoombasound.com
Support documentation can be downloaded from: Katoomba Sound Documentation

Speaker Switch does not Power Up

When the speaker switch is first powered up, the left LED indicator (1) will light up. And as the boot process continues, all seven LEDs will flash five times.
If the speaker switch does not appear to power up then follow these steps:
1. Make sure that the Power Supply Adapter is plugged into a wall outlet.
2. Make sure that the wall outlet is turned on.
3. Make sure that the wall outlet micro USB connector is inserted fully into the USB micro socket on the rear of the speaker switch.
4. Press any one of the seven speaker switch buttons.
5. If one or more of the LED indicators light up then the speaker switch is powered on and is operating.
6. If no LED indicators light up, then press any one of the seven speaker switch buttons a second time.
7. If one or more of the LED indicators light up then the speaker switch is powered on and is operating.
8. If none of the LED indicators light up then power cycle the unit by removing and then reinserting the power supply adapter micro USB plug.
9. When you plug in the micro USB plug, the left hand LED indicator for speaker 1 will light up.
If LED 1 does not light up then no power is reaching the unit or the unit is faulty. Check the power first before contacting technical support.

Reset to Factory Defaults

To reset the speaker switch back to the factory defaults, press and hold the "Factory Reset" button for over ten seconds. The reset button is found on the rear of the speaker switch unit on the right hand side next to the power connector. When the reset button is pressed for ten seconds, the first LED (LED 1) will begin flashing and the speaker switch will reset back to factory default settings.
The reset process takes approximately 60 seconds.

See the picture below that shows the location of the factory reset button.
Factory Reset Button

WiFi Authentication Type

The WiFi authentication type is WPA2-PSK only. The speaker switch does not support any other WiFi authentication type.

Internet Access Requirements

☑ - The speaker switch requires a DNS server. The DNS server may be acquired by DHCP or statically configured (in the "Network" tab).
☑ - The speaker switch must have access to the Katoomba Sound phone home URL: https://www.katoombasound.com/tools/SpeakerSwitchPhoneHome.php
☑ - The katooomba sound IP address (as of August 2023) is
☑ - No other access to the Internet is required (and none should be allowed).

Speaker Switch Not Found on the "Find My Speaker Switch" Page

If the speaker switch device does not register and cannot be seen at: Find My Speaker Switch.
☑ - It may be easy to find the speaker switch device IP address by examining the DHCP leases on your DHCP server. ☑ - You can manually trigger the registration by momentarily pressing (< 1 second) the "Factory Default" button on the rear of the speaker switch unit.
☑ - The unit should then connect to the URL: https://www.katoombasound.com/tools/SpeakerSwitchPhoneHome.php.
☑ - And the device should then appear in the results of a Find My Speaker Switch scan.
☑ - See Find the Speaker Switch for additional details.

Fuse Replacement

The speaker switch contains two overload fuses that will provide protection against excessive speaker power use. If one or both of the speakers fail to produce audio but the amplifier is found to be OK then it is possible that the fuses may have "blown" and they will need to be replaced. To replace the fuses:

☑ - Obtain two replacement fuses. Use 3 Amp fuses for 100 Watt load. Use 5 Amp fuses for 200 Watt load. Use 8 Amp fuses for 250 Watt load.
☑ - Disconnect power and all speaker connectors from the speaker switch.
☑ - Use a philips head screwdriver to open the speaker switch.
☑ - Remove the existing fuses. Check with a multimeter (set to ohms measurement) to see if they are still working. If they are still working, check your amplifier and speakers for correct operation.
☑ - If the fuses are blown (show open circuit on a multimeter), then replace the fuses. IMPORTANT: Check for the reason why the fuses blew out. Are you setting your amplifier too loud or are you trying to operate to many speakers simultaneously (or some other cause). Fix any underlying problem that would have caused the fuses to blow.
☑ - Replace the speaker switch case cover and replace the two philips screws. Do not over tighten the screws.
☑ - Replace the amplifier connector, speaker connectors and USB power connection.

Device Task Timing

When actions or tasks are performed on the speaker switch, the device provides an indication of what is happening by flashing the front panel LEDs. When a task is initiated, the device requires time to complete the task. When the task is complete, the LEDs on the front panel will flash a number of times. The table below shows the time it takes for each task to complete.

Action - Task
Time Required
LED Flashes
Defaults (web page)
45-60 seconds
Enable SSH
5 Seconds
60 Seconds
Network Change
Up to 45 Seconds
Phone Home
Up to 10 seconds
Power Up
1-2 minutes
Software Update
Up to 40 seconds