Speaker Switch Owners Manual (SPKR7)

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The speaker switch unit is constructed according to the highest standards and is comprised (internally) of a main board and a CPU module. The CPU module is plugged into the main board. During manufacture, the speaker switch is capable of accepting different CPU modules. For the model SPKR7, the installed CPU module may be a BananaPi or an OrangePi. Product certifications from the FCC and CE are available below. To find the appropriate CPU module type, check the status page on your speaker switch and then use the appropriate links below.

BananaPi FCC Certification
BananaPi CE Certification
OrangePi FCC Certification
OrangePi CE Certification


7 Way Smart Speaker Switch (SPKR7)

Power Supply, Connection Plugs, Screwdriver, Quick Start Guide

Product Dimensions, Weight:
Height 1⅓ x Width 7¼ x Length 5¼ inches. Weight 1 lbs

Boxed Dimensions, Weight:
Height 4 x Width 9 x Length 6¼ inches. Weight 1.4 lbs

Power Input:
5V DC 2A, Micro USB Plug

Switching Relays:
440VAC, 300VDC Max, 8 Amp

Speaker Wire Connect:
2.5mm (1/8 inch) maximum or 14AWG, 250 Watts RMS

Speaker System Design:
User selectable maximum active speakers limit with first on first off

WiFi Support:
2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, WPA/WPA2 PSK

User Access:
Android/iPhone Browser, LINUX and Windows browsers


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